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friends and family, let them all know!

Make your announcement

You have finally passed that driving test, just had your graduation confirmed, got your divorce papers through or given birth to a beautiful baby…you want to shout about it…why not, its taken a lot of your effort and time and you deserve to feel proud!

Thing is, it’s not always been easy to let your friends and family know all at once.
Sure there’s email, text messaging, telephone or when you next see them, but its not always possible to reach all of your family or friends the same way, at the same time.

Grandad doesn’t have a computer and you won’t see him until after next week, you’re not meeting up with all your pals until the weekend and your sister-in-law lives in New Zealand.

What about using your photo, writing a quick message on it and posting copies to everyone? …at the same time? …done in 5 minutes and posted the same day?

We’ve had this idea, we’ve made it into a website, we’ve called it and we are quietly confident it will be a success – but we need to know what you think!

Can you spare a minute to give us your opinion? Your opinion really does count; any feedback, thoughts or comments you can give could make a big difference. Please fill out our poll right and please do leave your comments or use our feedback page!

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